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Irma Bucker


When my father passed away completely unexpectedly in 1994, my then husband and I decided to continue the hotel. Our children Lisa and Johan grew up in the hotel. After my divorce, I continued the business on my own and shortly thereafter received the wonderful help of Johan and then Lisa as well. Thanks in part to their enthusiasm and enormous commitment, hotel Asterisk is today a 3-star superior hotel that is appreciated by our guests with very high review scores.

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Lisa Haagedoorn


As a child, I never took an interest in the hotel. In fact, I was embarrassed and wanted nothing more than to live in a house and just open the front door myself when visitors came. To go to our house, we had to pass by the front desk. Employees always had questions or comments and this made sure that I never came "home" but was put to work. After all, the hotel goes on 24/7. As a child, I did not understand this.

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Johan Haagedoorn


I am regularly asked if I don't hate working with my mother and sister. But I can assure you that there is nothing better than creating a beautiful product together with the people you love. Of course, that also includes big differences of opinion.

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